Author Topic: LG G2 Teaser Video And New Live Pics Released- Official August  (Read 1210 times)


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LG has sent an official press in New York for the Official August 7 G2 launch event. So another month is coming of the interesting technologies. LG is coming with its G2 flagship. LG is going on top because of its campaigns. Well that is there marketing strategy. The most important thing is that company's executives are giving hints about the new upcoming device 4 months before its announcement.
They have sent emails to the press 7 weeks before the event. They have issued an official PR about what CPU, your new flagship will have. They are following the official invitations 3 weeks later. These are some pointless things which are still not understood. But maybe it will be revealed soon.
There is almost a whole month before this launch is announced. LG has also uploaded a video to YouTube which is a teaser but some people think that it is pointless. Maybe it is there new strategy to promote their new launch. Fingers crossed.